About the Film

Glow is the debut feature film from writer/director Andrew Allen. It is a multiple-protagonist drama that explores the world of the hurting city and asks the question, “Where do we go when we see nothing but darkness?”


The film follows a husband and wife on the verge of divorce, their kids, a lonely young man, a father struggling to support his family, a single mother in a pit of drug addiction, and a minister wallowing in anger and doubt as they all search for light in a dark city.


Independently produced over almost three years, Glow is a big, bold vision that pushes the boundaries of cinematic narrative and micro-budget aesthetics. It was created out of loving rebellion both against the current rehash culture of Hollywood and the complacency of modern independent film.


For anyone who appreciates trailblazing cinema and celebrates realism explored through art, Glow demands to be seen.


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