Jacey Sheets as Carey

She was born and bred for greatness. In her teenage years, she realized there’s more to life than trophies and ribbons though. A reluctant leader but more capable than most, her whole life has been leading up to this moment.

This is Carey.

Akron Watson as Tre

He never had nice things but never lacked opportunity. He threw that all away, and a dark world swallowed him whole. He escaped, and now he’s on a mission…. to walk the straight and narrow, to honor the legacy of how he was raised.

This is Tre.

Gene Williams as Mike

He’s a winner, always has been, always will be. A¬†self-made millionaire and rising political figure. People look to him for answers. He’s always looking forward, eye on the prize, but what is he leaving behind?

This Mike.

April Hartman as Stacy

With plenty of grit and even more stubbornness, she’s always been one to get what she wants. A single mother, she waits for no one. She’s human though. There’s a hole in her heart that she dare not reveal to anyone else.

This is Stacy.

Uyen-Anh Dang as Vivi

Vivacious and passionate, she treasures every day. She’s never stopped wondering, never left her inner child behind. New in town, she carries a burden. She’s invisible to a world which isn’t her own.

This is Vivi.

Lars "Dallas" Clark as Tyler

Sometimes, he makes fart jokes or stays up later than he should. But beneath the surface, he’s a sweet and sensitive little boy, more acute to his surroundings than most would think. Is this a gift or a curse in a world full of sadness?

This is Tyler.

Jamechia Duncan as Quanisha

She’s not afraid to come down hard on someone but loves to keep it sweet. In fact, she probably gives people the benefit of the doubt a little too often. If people give her the honesty and sincerity she craves, she’ll fight to the death for them in return.

This is Quanisha.

Johnny Walter as AJ

Ardent atheist, now born-again minister, he’s always been one to live by extremes. Intelligence and reason are what makes him tick. He’s ready to set the world on fire with the power of knowledge and understanding. But is that the most potent weapon he wields?

This is AJ.

Nancy Chartier as Denise

She grew up with great expectations, but life didn’t play out as she hoped. She feels trapped. She smiles for the camera, but her cheeks are getting tired. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold this terribly uncomfortable pose.

This is Denise.

Andrew Allen as Jack

He’s always felt a little different. As he grew up, that got worse. He doesn’t know how to be wanted. He doesn’t know how to live. What does it mean to be human if you’re not like all the others?

This is Jack.